Common Sense


In this his 11th book, Lowell tackles the serious issues of the day with humour, wisdom and common sense.  COVID-19, the long term care crisis, the environment, political scandal, green energy, the Ottawa Senators and Toronto Blue Jays rebuilding follies.

Guest contributors veteran MP Pierre Poilievre provides insight into the betrayal of Ottawa’s Civic Hospital. Rob Snow uncovers a giant lie while student Samantha Green deals with a hilarious stinky situation. Lowell escapes the wrath of a wild Russian urinal keeper, and for the first time reveals family anguish over his anticipated Senate appointment!

Nothing escapes Lowell’s attention. Water witching, scientific breakthroughs turning CO2 into jet fuel, joyous news concerning our forests, real or plastic Christmas trees, eating pears on sunny days! The real story of Jason Kenney’s grandfather, my sister and Viagra!  And that’s just the first few pages! Some of his stories are downright hilarious!

You will be intrigued, amused, astonished, educated, heartened, and always entertained by 75 of the most interesting stories, opinions and eye opening revelations ever published, each designed to be read in three minutes or less.

Common Sense for a Wounded Nation is Lowell Green at his best!


With ten best selling books to his credit, Lowell Green, in addition to being Canada’s most honoured broadcaster, has become one of the Country’s most popular authors.

“Green’s success as a writer is a completely under-the-radar phenomenon that defies just about every rule and convention of Canadian publishing. He is selling a volume of books that makes him one of Canada’s bestselling authors and he does it without a government grant, major media coverage of book reviews!”


“Even more miraculous,” says Radio’s Rob Snow, “he does it without living in Toronto!”

This book will add to Lowell’s reputation. From a seven year old freight hopping, orange craving kid to a wild chase across a Russian plaza by a urinal lady,  “Common Sense for a Wounded Nation” takes you on a delightful ride of wit, wisdom, hope, inspiring breakthroughs for our planet, desperately needed common sense and chuckles—lots of chuckles. Revelations by MP Pierre Poilievre and radio host Rob Snow will have you shaking your head in disbelief! Samantha Green will have you laughing out loud!

Each story designed to be read in three minutes or less will have you shaking your head in wonder and delight. Many will lift your spirits and for certain, make you laugh.

Common sense is wonderful medicine for a wounded nation!